History of our association

The idea of founding Iran Masterbatch and Compound producers Association took shape shape in 2010 by founding board members (Mr. Malakoti, Pirouzfar, Ganji, Godarzi, Koushki and Shaysteh).This association was founded to enhance cooperation and consultation among Iranian industrialists, and also to overcome the troubles of masterbatch and compounds industry.

·        Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producers association was registered on 24 February, 2013 with cooperation of Iran chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

·        Activities of association officially started in June, 2013 after passing legal stages of registration and electing the board of directors, association’s inspector and secretory.

·        Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producers constituted with cooperation of more than 60 members. Its objective was supporting of member s’ domestic productions against the threat of import.  

اعضای انجمن
  • آرسام پلاست راز
  • آریا پلیمر پیشگام
  • ستار کالا
  • شركت پتروشيمي خوزستان
  • آریا شیمی پوشش
  • فن آوران شیمی تجزیه ایرانیان
  • نکوساز پلیمر صنعت پلیمر آریا
  • صنایع تکمیلی پترو بسپار سیرجان
  • همپار
  • رنگ چی شیمی
  • پارس رنگدانه خضرا ایرانیان
  • کیمیا جاوید سپاهان
  • کیمیابسپارگلپا
  • پارسا پلیمر شریف
  • البرز پلیمر سپاهان
  • توسعه صنایع رضا
  • امیا پارس
  • نکو پلیمر آرسام
  • صنایع ورق ایران
  • اكسون پلیمر